With the experience we have gained in the construction industry since 1995, we have realized the importance of rich appearance and naturalness in living spaces. As 3 partners who share the dream of bringing these values ​​to the sector, we came together under the roof of Linea Pietra in 2018 and formed a young and dynamic team.

We see that the use of unnatural, synthetic and short-lived materials in all areas, especially construction and exterior materials, poses a major problem. We believe that Linea Pietra will find a solution to this problem and many similar problems with its naturalness, breadth of usage areas, innovation, durability for many years and the value it adds to the projects.

As the Linea Pietra Family, we carry out all our activities in line with these values, with the mission of raising awareness about the benefits of natural, innovative products that have preserved their value for many years, and raising awareness in the sector.

We aim to expand the natural habitats by introducing our products, which we trust endlessly, to our country. Our most important vision is to enable people to continue their lives in areas where they feel happy and different.

We present Linea Pietra with its thinness, lightness and flexible structure to architects, decoration companies and anyone who cares about the living space. We believe that natural stones will bring an innovative breath to living spaces.

As Linea Pietra Family, it is our biggest dream to see happy people in buildings built with reliable and natural products. And we will do our best to realize this dream.