Real Natural Stone Section
Linea Pietra

Thin, Flexible And Light Surface Coating Material

Thin layers obtained from natural rocks are bonded to glass fiber under controlled pressure and heat, and they are turned into plates and provided flexibility. Thus,Linea Pietra, which has a strong and flexible structure, is very long lasting and easily applicable.

Can be applied to all indoor and outdoor surfaces

Wood, plasterboard, metal, concrete

Plywood, mdf, fiberglass

Tiles, Lacquer, Membrane, Acrylic

Linea Pietra


Linea Pietra, which has the texture of a real rock that you can see in nature, adds a different, unique and rich look to the places it is applied to.



Linea Pietra can also be applied to curved surfaces thanks to its flexibility. It is an easy-to-apply product with a low risk of accidents and casualties because it is not fragile.



Linea Pietra has a true rock texture, so it is rock resistant against external factors. It is much stronger than its equivalents and does not show deformation.



Linea Pietra is a fairly light coating material. Transport and application can be made much easier. It does not add additional weight to the place of application.


Long Lasting

Due to the fact that Linea Pietra has a real natural stone surface, its lifetime is the life of the place where it is applied. It is long lasting and does not require maintenance.

Kolay Uygulanır

Easy To Apply

Linea Pietra, which is in the form of a plate, is a product that one person can easily apply in a short time due to its lightness, flexibility and thinness.