Our Mission

With our employees who do not compromise on reliable and perfect service, in the building industry; To provide quality products that fit our name, to meet customer needs and expectations, to provide quality, accuracy and stability in service, to produce or supply products with economic advantages for the customer, to provide perfect service before and after sales, to be a leader in our field with our innovative thoughts, to be focused on customer satisfaction. To achieve leadership in our field of activity, to use the technological infrastructure effectively and efficiently, to achieve a balanced and profitable growth, to be a company that its employees are proud and happy to work with.

Our vision

To combine experience with dynamism, to do their jobs clean, carefully and on time, to become a leading international brand with customer satisfaction. Linea Pietra is a systematic framework that future generations can take as an example with its commercial and cultural dynamics on the path of local values ​​to reach global leadership. It is to share a great excitement with the honor of serving humanity in line with the global goals of Linea Pietra, by making social gains and benefiting from the high standards of commercial gains by making every individual under this roof.

We believe in the importance of quality, innovation and change in order to become a leader and we see continuous development as a core value.